Fratboy Brief


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• 40 mm black and yellow elastic waistband.
• White mesh body.
• Double-lined navy blue cup with yellow stitching.
• Navy blue athletic leg elastic.

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The Fratboy Brief features a navy front cup contrasted with yellow stitches for ultimate comfort, and premium white mesh cotton/spandex blend on both sides of the cup and on the back. The elastic waist is a soft yet sturdy bright yellow with ultimate stretchability and hold. Choose your allegiance to α or ω house with this Fratboy Brief.

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34 reviews for Fratboy Brief

  1. Yann L.

    L’un des plus sexy et le plus confortable les couleurs et la texture du tissu innovatrice et vraiment mais alors la vraiment sexyy



  3. Peter A.

    For nominal brief

  4. Gary M.

    the most comfortable undies you will wear; great fit, quality fabric and finish

  5. David V.

    I first heard about Pump! when I was traveling in Portland in this all exclusive underwear shop that I cannot remember the name. It was a pair of boxer briefs. They fit nice and made my back side look AMAZING! In addition to wearing them, I bought two more pairs of briefs a couple months later online. Again, they fort perfect and made everything look good. Then when it was time for new underwear, I had no doubt that my choice would be Pump! So I bought two classic pairs of briefs and the “frat” brief. Myself and my boyfriend both love Pump! and suggest everyone man at least own one or more pairs.

    – David

  6. Paul S.

    I wanted to try a PUMP Brief and I did, I’m not in love like I am with their trunks/boxers, but these are nice 🙂

  7. Suleman P.

    Been through most underwear brands, CK, AB, AC, Armani but these by far are the best i have owned.

  8. Michael F.

    I bought these for my husband, and they look amazing.

  9. Lemire D.

    Super quality,nice cut,it’s perfect.

  10. Jerry M.

    Love the mesh feel. It’s breathable and sexy.

  11. Seth H.

    These underwear feel as great as they look. The mesh is extreme comfortable and the quality can’t be beat. Very satisfied with the purchase.

  12. Myles P.

    Comfortable fit, great color and style. Definitely getting more pairs.

  13. jonathan j.

    Love the large waistband and colors will order more!

  14. J. P.

    This brief has great bright colors and like all Pump underwear is a perfect fit! Ideal under skinny jeans, this underwear just makes you feel sexy!!

  15. Tony

    Comfortable as always, love the color combo for these 🙂

  16. Henry C.

    these are a great fit, sexy, sporty and so comfortable. These by far best Cin-2, 2x-it’s, CK which I’ve all worn. These are definitely my gavorites

  17. Tyler J.

    very sexy. Nice fit.

  18. Kuochan S.

    Very comfortable and looks great!

  19. Francois p.

    Since I tried your underwears, I do not wear anything else. I like particulary this model for its design and colors.As confortable as the others. Thank you for the careful work,the fabric and cut.

  20. Dimitri M.

    Perfect fit, very comfortable and terribly sexy! love them

  21. Henry C.

    hockey players wear these? You should use Mark Edouard Vlasic as a model

  22. Douglas W.

    Got them couple days ago and they are comfortable to wear and fit to normal size.

  23. Xavilee

    very comfortable and stylish jock strap I’ve ever owned !!!

  24. Trung N.

    very comfortable and stylish jock strap I’ve ever owned !!!

  25. ng j.

    Love them so much! Everyone love them when I wore it to the dance floor!

  26. Steven B.

    what can i say i love them feels great looks great love Pump underwear!!!

  27. brian k.

    This brief reverses the more common Pump white cup with colored everywhere else, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it at first, but it’s fantastic.

  28. Benoît C.

    What more to ask for!? Perfect fit, perfect style! You can only feel great in this amazing product!

  29. Sergi R.

    Love it!

  30. Ross C.

    Love this pair of underwear, great look and feel, love the feeling of wearing these under a pair of jeans or shorts

  31. Blair W.

    Most comfortable undies!

  32. Kyle K.

    Great fit, versatile, and comfortable. Best jock I have.

  33. Charlie P.

    i love these briefs!!

  34. Timmy L.

    The design for the underwear are mostly the same, feels great, but the color combination for this one is just not to my personal liking.

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